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Re: Breaker Morant - An Alternative View

From: steve becker
Date: 2/7/2002
Time: 8:34:10 PM
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Yes you are right about the differences of the whole affair, and its those that will always make the Morant Trial so interesting.

Before I too call it a day I would like to pass on to you and others a few final points.

In all your pages as in others, with my talks to mates and interested parties there always is the one driving problem in that you see no wrong in the exercution (or murder) of eleven boer prisoners and a boy but scream bloody murder in what the British did to Morant and Handcock. This reflec's in the AWM poll.

Its True the trial may have been a setup but we have no records of the trial to be possitive in what was said and done, I don't trust Whittons account on face value. And until a better account is found what was said and done is only seletive!

Diary accounts as anyone doing history knows is only one mans point of veiw, yes we quote it offen, but we should always be aware of the circomstances in with it was written. Your remarks about Maj Poore you quote " the 15 admits an order did exist to shoot boers surrendering" and again " the 15 admits an order to shoot boers attempting to surrender". Not much difference you think? but its amazing how much one word looks. What was the rest of the sentence in the diary in what context is the remark made, did they see this order, who told them, Morant or Hunt or others. Barry can you see what I am getting at by not taking a diary entry at face value!

Before I go you should remember that it may have been the British who Hung Morant but it was Morant who went to the tree and put the noose around his neck.



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