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Re: "Scapegoats of the Empire"

From: steve becker
Date: 2/12/2002
Time: 10:03:27 AM
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I was n't going to do this but I must.

Mate, is it your understanding that they are guilty of the murder of the boers but because they were rail roaded at the trial that we should forgive them this little crime?

I would say two wrongs don't make it right?

That Witton on his return felt he had to justify for what happened in SA, not only to himself but his family and his country. His assocition with Morant who was a well liked leader, during the war and long trial forms a strong bond and he could not see passed the injustis as he saw it. His slip on the Hesse case was just the top of the iceberg.

Yes his book is tainted by trying to prove his case, its use as a reference should be looked at in the light, and not quoted as it is the bible on the trial and actions of Morant.

If I showed you a diary entry for Adolf Hitlers Adjt, which said "he always liked the Jews and didn't what to kill them"? Would you take his word on face value? Or would think he had other motives for saying it long after the events!

What was not said in Wittons book has more to do with the case then what is mentioned. And if you beleive one thing and not the other then why believe it at all. If they were aquited of the death of Hesse why were they shot? could it be the other crimes? Have you read the trial transcript or do you take wittons word?

There's a lot in this whole story to keep us going for years and like the JFK case we may never know if there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll.

You are entilted to your view as I am to mine that we will not see eye to eye should only keep us looking for the truth which to quote a TV show "is out there".


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