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Re: "Scapegoats of the Empire"

From: Steve Becker - Part Two
Date: 2/12/2002
Time: 11:43:58 AM
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Part Two (I missed this part)

Yes there were prisoners shot in SA as well as in all wars, but the Morant case is diffent for a number of resons;

One, He was the only one to selectively shoot twelve boers over a given time,

Two, Once the press got hold of the case Kitchener had little to do with it,

Three, They were guilty.

We are told that Hunt gave this order to shot prisoners (who we are told got it from Kitchener but there is no proof of it). Than why was it not obayed? Morant was admoshished for not doing it, did Hunt shot any? when Morant brought prisoners in and Hunt said why didn't you shot them, why didn't Hunt go out and do it or send Morant back out to do it?

An Order can not in part be obayed, selective conpliance is not an order, and why only members of Viljeon commando and not others!

This is what got Morant and Handcock killed not the Hesse part of the trial. Its not a minor part of the trial but the cruxe. If you beleive they were guilty of the shootings, as the Court did then they were. It was not Kitchener but the court. The Court was in a catch 22 position as it was dammed if it did and dammed if it didn't.

I feel that kitchener may have let Morant go if not for the press getting hold of the story. And once they did there were only tow outcomes inercence or death. There would have been a world outcry about British Justice if they got off as they were when convitted!


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