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Re: Question for  Steve B.

From: steve becker
Date: 2/14/2002
Time: 7:37:34 PM
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While in Bosnia I was attached to the UN and the unit I was in had 15 different nationalites in it ranging from British,Swedish, Danes, Yanks, Russians, Icelanders to Finish. We acted under UN law that is to say we followed the Geneva Convention and rules of engagment and proacalls the UN had. There was no central military command but the UN.

While with other countries units we again followed UN law and the Law of the country we were with. Confused I don't blame you! It is always best to follow your own countries laws and be aware that other countries don't work the way we do. If you keep your nose clean and don't stuff up your right but watch out if you do because other countries and or inderviguals carry guns and don't wait for the niceities of a trial. The amount of times I was drawn down on would shock you and sometimes I never knew what to chose.

The Austrailian Army in Timor I beleive uses our law over there as they are a large contingent and operate under UN instructions. I will ask my nevew as he was in 2 Cav last year in Timor and get back to you.


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