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Gallipoli tour

From: Stacey
Date: 2/19/2002
Time: 12:41:51 AM
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thankyou to Rob and Steve for their information, yes your right my grandfather was 12 reinforcement 1st Light Horse... and i am doubtful if he would have made it as my relatives believe to Gallipoli however - i have a puzzling photo, my grandfather took alot of pictures during WW1 i had them all copied to preserve them.. one is a picture of what looks like a communications trench with a roughly painted sign hanging on the front which says "ANZAC TERRACE" i was told by my uncle that it was taken on Gallipoli peninsular, do you know if such a (terrace) existed?? and where?? obviously it could have been a thousand places but if you would like to see a copy i could email you one?? the photo was definately taken by my grandfather he was not given it?? i just wish the records were more accurate and "Booter" was here so i could know for sure?? thanks again Oh and speaking of war crimes (Breaker) i once interviewed an ex serviceman that i tracked down back in 1993 who served in the 1st ALH He was 92yrs old he told me some really good stories and one rather disturbing one if you would like to hear about them let me know..

stacey T Penang

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