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Re: The Australian 'tradition'?

From: Tony Corbet
Date: 2/21/2002
Time: 1:29:10 PM
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Dito. Events such as ANZAC Day are commemorations. If it is a celebration at all it is a celebration of the spirit of the men who suffered for so long against incredible odds. Most nations tend to aknowledge their military defeats more so than successes. Even the successes are rarely celebrated as great national achievements. For instance Rememberance Day is hardly a day for celebrating but a day to remember the fallen of that tragic war. As for Morant, its a classic case of political interferance and officers being given conflicting direction on how to exercise war in a particular theatre. I dont know if Morant was innocent or guilty, but I do think his life and the events surrounding his execution should be remembered if for nothing else as an example of the tragic effects of war.

Tony C.

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