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Sir Roden Cutler

From: Steve becker
Date: 2/28/2002
Time: 8:07:07 PM
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As we remember the Breaker and Handcock I took time today to remember Sir Roden Cutler.

He was larger the life if you ever meet him, a very tall men he showed an unusal interest in those of a lesser station then himself.

I remember well the first time I saw and talked to him. In the early 70's I was a young soldier with the 2nd Cavalry Regt and the Regiment were detailed to parade the Guidon in front of Parliment house for the opening in Sydney. I was given the job as door opener for Sir Roden Cutler then State Govenor General.

We were on the alert as protesters were expected to give as trouble and as we waited outside they came out in force and did, one tried to grab to guidon and was given a gab with the baynet by one of the SNCO's guarding it.

When the GG showed up I was in front of parliment and opened the door for him and was standing there with the door in one hand and saulting with the other. A few seconds went by and still the GG had not gotted out, only his ADC.

After a while I stuck my head in the car to see were he was and found him stuck between the back and front seats. He was stuck fast and I was in two minds weather to go in and unstick him or not. His ADC was in the same mind as we looked at each either the GG was letting go a few words as he strugled to free himself. You see he had only one leg and his weight didn't allow him to free himself. So he said that I better free him which the ADC and I did. He thanked me for it and made a joke of the event.

From a day of high drama to the fun of the GG made it a day never to forget.


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