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From: Xile
Date: 3/4/2002
Time: 8:58:49 PM
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Thank you for that most insightful comment regarding the wastefulness of our time spent researching, learning and preserving part of our collective history. I see now that I should have spent the adult years of my life so much differently from the way I have. Not serving my country as a member of the defence force, protecting the right for people to hold an opinion that MAY differ from my own, Not studying history in the vainglorious idea of perhaps learning from histories mistakes in an attempt not to repeat them. No, as you have so eloquently and, if I may say so, grammatically accurately phrased it. I should have spent my time as you have suggested, nay perhaps using you as my role model, and spend my time in a drunken stupor or drug induced haze pursuing such intellectual pursuits as cow- tipping or “burn out” competitions complete with car radio’s bass beat radiating at a decibel guaranteed to shake any fillings loose. But alas I fear that it may be to late for me to deviate from my perversity and I will just have to continue as I have started never to know the high society delights that you are suggesting for us all. In closing, with your fine command of the English language, YOU will understand the intent behind the following quote “You sir, are an ASS!” Wishing you all the best with your future lobotomy. Regards, Xile

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