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Stolen Lithgow Hooked Quillion Bayont

From: Gary - Moruya
Date: 3/7/2002
Time: 10:03:33 AM
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As a member of my local Museum run by typical 'country' senior citizens (good decent people which unfortuneately are a dying race) I found on a shelf, tucked away and gathering dust, an authentic 1914 LITHGOW HOOKED QUILLION BAYONET. As you can imagine, I was elated and filled the Museum members into the treasure that they did not know it's value, both financially and historically. The old dears faithfully filled out a description note and proudly placed it on display. It was chained to the wall, (obviously with a weak chain - to deter the honest thieves) Problem is, some unscrupulous bastard has come in and cut the chain, taking off with the bayonet. To steal from such decent and honest country people is a crying shame and I hope the mongrel rots in hell. Having said that, the theif is obviously a collector or has sold it to a collector. The depressable 'button' which releases the bayonet from the rifle when bayonets are fixed was missing. Not that it would be too hard to replace. I implore all decent collectors out there, it you have any knowledge of this bayonet to get back to me asap (any info can and will be treated as confidential) Again to the recipient of this bayonet I say "Fair go" the oldies at the museum who were on duty at the time were beside themselves and have taken their 'laspe in vigilence' very hard. I feel that it is like robbing a graveyard!!!!!!!!!! Again I implore you to help me recover this item. As you will all know, 1914 Lithgow's are extremely rare. I appreciate your help.


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