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Re: The movie "Lighthorsemen" and certain sections

From: Jeremy Stroud
Date: 3/9/2002
Time: 7:07:13 AM
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The part played by the ALH at Beersheba is not limited to the famous charge late in the day as light was fading; the ALH were also actively involved with the preceeding attack on Tal el Saba & its machine gun posts & blockhouses. Without that the famous charge would not have been possible. Earlier in the day the XX infantry corps & artillery had attacked the more heavily fortified Turkish positions to the South of the town. Without these other two major events and a few others, the famous ALH charge would not have even been contemplated - it was all part of a well executed plan of attck to take the town & its wells. That is not to say that the charge was any less heroic or to be belittled in any way - just that one should keep a sense of proportion. A further example, the RHA also played a part in the charge, by pounding the guns, machine gun posts & entrenched positions of the Turks as the ALH were forming up to advance - the RHA batteries rode out into the open plain to do so, the ALH past around them while they were still firing off rounds. I would love to see the film sometime - haven't had the chance yet. Best regards, Jeremy.

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