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Re: Mized up LH regiments

From: Jeremy Stroud
Date: 3/9/2002
Time: 7:11:24 PM
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By "the charge", I guess you refer to the charge at Beersheba of the 4th ALH BRIGADE under Brigadier-General W. Grant's command ? If so, it was the 4th & 12 ALH REGIMEMTS that took part - the 11th ALH Regt was engaged in reconnaissance work and thus not avaiable. The 4th ALH Regt were on the right, the 12th ALH on the left (looking from Grant's position towards Beersheba), both deployed in 3 lines (or waves) A, B, C across the plain, with ca. 5yrds between riders, the riders of a squadron being together. the breadth of attack front would have been ca.1200 (1500?) yrds at the start but narrowing and with some overlap between squadrons and between the adjacent 4th & 12th ALH Regts as they converged on the Turk position. See the description of the battle on this website. The charge was assisted by part of the 19th Brigade RHA attached to the AMD, of which the 4th ALH Briagde formed a part, A Btty HAC + Notts Btty RHA. Hope this is enough detail for the moment, regards Jeremy.

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