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Re: Mized up LH regiments

From: Jeremy Stroud
Date: 3/11/2002
Time: 1:54:49 AM
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To Steve or anyone else who has info: I was only repeating what I have read from reasonably reliable sources about the 3rd or C-squadrons also being in extended echelon formation; what you report about the C-squadron being in column is very interesting. Would you consider the source of your detailed infomation reliable ? It might even shed some light on the famous photo of the charge !

Also I would like to know how the 11th ALH Regt were reportedly not available for the charge due to reconnaissance duty elsewhere and yet became available to back up the charge from the 4th & 12th ALH regts, especially as the charge was over within 30 minutes as far as I understand. It does of course make sense to follow the charge up with further mounted troops scuh as the 5th Mounted Brigade who were available. Do the 11th ALH Regt war diaries/records provide the information you give ? I hope you can help answer these questions, best regards Jeremy.

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