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LH are legends!!

From: Mel
Date: 3/12/2002
Time: 8:47:11 AM
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This is in reply to a post from Jeremy, Because the 4th and 12th LH were available to do the charge, is that any reason to say "well they were there and ready and they were following orders so don't give them too much credit."??? If all the Brits couldnt do it, and we hadn't been doing much, then why not let us do it and give us full credit for a job well done?? Some people may take the credit too far I'll admit and that is why the LH had been raised to legendary status, but from all the accounts I have read, that was a bloody hard risky ride, and the LH were bloody marvellous. They were legends. We call footy players legends but what do they really do to achieve that title?? We call Don Bradman a legend for getting however many runs he got, but when it is all said and done, he played cricket very well. He didnt risk his life and kill anybody, put his wife and children in the very risk of being fatherless and husbandless. Yet Don Bradman is a legend. Well not really, think about it. The LH were legends, and I hold them in very high esteem as legends no matter what anyone says, because I know that I could never do what they did!!

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