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Re: Ordinary blokes?

From: Rob
Date: 3/12/2002
Time: 2:19:32 PM
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There is more to the non return of horses that the "damned government of the day" making a decision that they could not afford to return the horses. Australia had and still has one of the strictest regimes of horse regulation in the world. In 1956 the equestrian section of the Melbourne Olympics were held in Stokholm because of our regulations. At wars end, the horses were catagorised according to age and condition. They were then returned to the remount units. Catagory A and B horses were sold to the British and Indian armies. A small number of horses were sold or given to locals. The horses debilatated or aged beyond normal service life were destroyed. Horses were not destroyed in their units after the end of the war.

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