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Re: LH are legends!!

From: Jeremy Stroud
Date: 3/12/2002
Time: 4:15:00 PM
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Don't get carried away - if you reread what I wrote you will come to understand that I also admire their courage etc; however hero worship, nationalism etc will only cloud our judgement when analysing the facts. The charge-dismount- attack by the ALH/ANZAC on Tel El Saba was no less courageous nor were numerous attacks in other battles including those involving British units - as several knowledgeable contributors on this site often acknowledge. As I said before, if there had been barbed wire in front of the Turksh trenches to the South-East of Beersheba, the famous charge would have ended in a dismount (ordered or forced) and the day of celebration possibly a day of national mourning - when you make your study you might bear such points in mind to give a balanced appraisal of the risk-bravery-heroism-foolhardyness-desparation aspects - the all important wells had to be captured to water the horses - the turks would have withdrawn that evening anyway as their left flank was exposed & thus the defensive position at Gaza threatened, but would only have withdrawn after having blown up ALL the wells. I would recommend that you study the strategy of the EEF and so come to a bettre nderstanding of what part Beersheba played in the #rd Battle of Gaza and perhaps the whole campaign in Palastine. Best regards, Jeremy.

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