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Re: 800 Strong!

From: steve becker
Date: 3/12/2002
Time: 4:51:12 PM
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The pricible chargers were the 4th and 12th LHR's, also attached were the 4th MG Sqn (less one section). There are no numbers on record but between 600 to 800 would not be unreasonable. The follow on troops included all units of the 4th Light Horse Brigade, (Sig's, LHFA, HQ and 11th LHR).

If you include the troops of the XX British Corps and the remainder of the Desert Mounted Corps, in all 30,000 plus. Then we outnumbered them by a very large amount.

The 4,000 turk's had to defend against all these allied troops and by the end of the day and the begining of the charge were exhusted.

But they were all brave men and would fight it out if ordered to, never discount the Turks in defence they put up a good fight during the day, but were overwhelmed.


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