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Half cocked.

From: Mel
Date: 3/14/2002
Time: 9:13:00 AM
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Oh dear, still dont have the guts to tell us your name. How sad. You are going off half cocked, just as you did before. And what the hell are you talking about I watched the movie. I am not basing my oral on this movie. I've done more bloody research than I should have. And I am not even mentioning the deceptiob as I am not required to get that involved. You can get stuffed. i'll get an A cos my oral will be bloody fantastic and as you tend to think that my assignemtn is late then I invite you to call my college. Dickson College, Canberra, ACT, Australia and talk to Meg Shekavs in the Humanities, and ask about Melissa Geurts and then you'll get your answer. Don'tassume you know me, cos you bloody well dont't!!! And why should you give a stuff about me and my assignment, you've been no bloody help. You're just a troublemaker. This assignment was given to me two, probably three by now, weeks ago and as my class went on a camp, our classes were in a disarray and my oral has been brought forward 3 weeks. SO unfortunately I have had to get my A into G and get a move on. ANd I'm doing the bloody best I can. The movie has nothing to do with my oral whatsoever. And I'd like to point out that my teacher is requesting a 10min speech, not a debriefing on the LH in WW1.

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