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Anonymous person!

From: Mel
Date: 3/14/2002
Time: 9:28:59 AM
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Its the 2% of people, you are in that 2%, that makes all my hard work seem pointless. But don't worry, I'll be gone soon so you won't have to worry yourself with criticising everything I seem to say. You're probably just thinking in your head that I am an immature teenager who thinks they know everything. Well, I might be. But then why would I be spending so much time on getting this relatively minor assessment correct. Maybe because I want to give credit where it is due. And my bibliography is fine thankyou very much and there is nothing wrong with it. Why do you even bother coming on this board, just to make trouble?? Or maybe I shouldn't have bothered coming on this board to find the truth? Maybe I should've just made up my own story and tell that, and not bother about teh truth or any discrepancies. Stop wasting my time, because I have better things to do than read your messages. They're not worth it. And you may ask, well then why DO you bother reading them? Well, maybe because you'll discover that this board is to help and inform people about the LH and then you'd help me. Unfortunately, you dont seem to understand this "help others" concept. All you can give people is criticism. Maybe if you read some of the posts from Steve and Jeremy and John then you'd understand what a huge help they have been to me, and what patience they've had. You could take notice!

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