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From: Mel
Date: 3/14/2002
Time: 9:43:58 AM
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The messages from this bloke have been so negative that I'm not sure whether I am doing the wrong thing or not. Talk about pre-weddign jitters, I'm getting pre-oral jitters, I'm not sure that I want to do it anymore. I'll probably send you a copy tonight. But depends on whether you read them before Friday morning. I would've liked you to read it before I presented it. But considering time difference, I wonder whether that will be possible. I've tried really hard to make it as accurate as I could, without making it too technical and involved. In class we're only spending 2 weeks on it, so everything to do with WW1 is given a pretty brief mention. SO my oral is pretty basic and understandable. I just hope that I have the right sections mentioned etc... I am saying in the oral however, and you may disagree with this. That Grant led the charge but fell back into reserves. And that the 11th were the reserves, even though I've been told that they were doing recon work, the sources I have read say that they were doing it so I have to assume that the issue as to whether they did or not, is up in the air. I don't mention the information plant at all. The people in my class saw that bit of the movie and I told the teacher that that never happened. But as I said before, we aren't allocated enough time to delve into that issue. I hope I don't leave anything out. I'll send it my this afternoon, because i get off school early on Thursdays. Melissa

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