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From: gosh again
Date: 3/15/2002
Time: 6:09:04 AM
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Firstly - hope all went well with your brief oral presentation - you certainly worked hard for it (15 minutes of fame !). I live in Amsterdam, not England. My interest in this site started just after I started tracing the family tree just over a year ago - my grandfather's WW1 service record had been destroyed in the London Blitz & I wanted to find out where he had been & what he had done (he died in 1970 when I was only 11). When I realised he had served for 2 years in Palastine with the Australian Mounted Division, the web drew me to this wonderful site. I got the genealogy bug, discovered that more of the family has been horsemen or farriers, the rest is history. Maybe you will find out someday too, that some of your great grandparents or their parents served in WW1 ! Regards, Jeremy.