Oral: Thankyou Everybody!!

From: Mel
Date: 3/16/2002
Time: 9:17:52 AM
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Well, I did my presentation on Friday and it went off without a hitch and thanks to Jeremy's proof reading abilities - all of my details were correct and I even told my teacher a thing or too. The handouts I made were pretty good and the discussion afterwards went very well. And my teacher was impressed that I went outside the usual ring of internet sites and books, and asked people who have a deeper knowledge and interest. She called it something about not believing everything you read and being critical or something. But I wouldnt have been able to answer all her questions without the help from you guys. I was surprised about how much of the stuff that I read in books was inaccurate. But likely my talk was accurate thanks to Jeremy's last minute proof reading and correction. My speech was quite wrong until he helped. Thankyou everybody that posted my answers on this site and an extraspecial thanks to Jeremy. I reckon it was at least a B it went that well. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!