Emu Plume -Queensland Mounted Infantry

From: Jane Poll
Date: 3/16/2002
Time: 12:52:19 PM
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Thankyou for this wonderful site. My home is Capella Central queensland and while learning of our local history I have come across the story that the Emu plume insignia accrding to our local families ,originated here, the last thing I want is to create any upset. I am most interested to learn of what has been recorded on this as fact before I go head long into this claim( my hope is to then gather info. to support this and of our men that served from this area and make it available locally)My knowledge is such that during the great shearers strike of 1891 a contingent of Rockhampton Mounted Infantry was sent to maintain law and order. A Grand daughter of William Kelly lives here and her father told the story of how at this time the troopers rested here at the Peak downs and "shot emus and put the Emu feathers in their hats" There is a little more info if you are interested. I deeply respect our servicemen and the knowledge you fellows have and am only making an enquiry, I would be most grateful to hear back on this.