Did everyone go surfing?

From: matheson75@yahoo.ca
Date: 3/20/2002
Time: 6:32:47 AM
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Well Melissa certainly shook up this site, but since then it seems everyone has either gone to the beach or gone to sleep? I know it's your summer, but! I'm still trying to find out anything at all on "Gerardy's' "Lofty Lane"! With alll the trouble I went to tracing who Gerardy was, I then discovered his famous poem to a horse on this site, which gives his real name & it was there all the time! It was of course Rob Thomas who put me on the right track! I'm surprised too that a Chamber of Commerce I e-mailed in Melbourne never responded with anything on this film company Cambridge which seems to have vanished after 1990 & which made the film which in part featured "Lofty Lane"! A mystery I'd like to see resolved. Again I ask was Lane a real Light Horse Scout in the Desert Campaign in Palestine in 1917-18? Sincerely, John.