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Re: Breaker Morant Book

From: Bryn Dolan
Date: 3/26/2002
Time: 8:59:16 AM
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Hi steve,

I've read the book and found it very informative and interesting. It does not paint Morant as a hero, but it does show he was also a victim. That doesn't mean there weren't victims on the other side, and this is acknowledged in the book, but that Morant was one too.

It's true that the author 'makes up' some conversations, but I don't see that these are a big influence on any of his main conclusions, and are, as he explained, attempts to fill in gaps where no information is available. In doing that, he's doing no more than you are when you write that Morant would have shot the prisoners no matter what. You can't possibly know that for certain, yet you feel there's enough evidence to suggest that it would probably be true. It seems to me Nick Blezinsky has done exactly the same thing in his book.



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