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Re: Breaker Morant Book

From: steve becker
Date: 3/28/2002
Time: 5:50:32 PM
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Where I am up to, so far in this book, is the following.

I 'll set the stage by saying its after the counter attack to drive Beyers out of the northern transval, after Morants arrest and during the trials.

He makes the following coment; P 230 "A Boer captured in the chase said that Beyers had refused to go anywhere near the Spelonken as long as Morant was around." (There is no conformation of this comment or Qualifiction?)

But its used again in the pages that follow (230-234) as the "made up conversations/actions" during Beyers attack on Peitersberg.

It is used again on page 235 as a qualifier for the lack of action by an officer and men of the New Peitersburg Light Horse.

This I don't fell is good writing, yes he may in part be right but he sould have supported this statement before useing it to justify the actions that followed over the following six pages. Its use, as a lack of action by this officer is like making a judgement on custer over Reno at the little big Horn. If he had charged, would have he been destroyed or wait for reinforcement. Judgements like this by officers are as old as God, "to be or not to be."

Also the statment used by me in that "he would have shot them weather he had an order or not", is shown by Morant trying to justify his order to his officers on the 10th August, before shooting viser!


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