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ANZAC and Light Horse

From: Mel
Date: 4/5/2002
Time: 3:14:01 PM
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Yes I'm back again...I was just wondering, on Anzac Day, will there be Light Horse displays on anywhere? I was trying to work out what Anzac Day represents but it got too complicated and I just assumed that we spend that day remembering all the men who fought in the wars, especially WW1, for me anyway, but I wasn't actually sure of what you're meant to celebrate on Anzac Day. Actually, what does the name ANZAC represent? All Australian soldiers??? I suppose the Light Horse are included of course. Oh, and I'd only like pleasant answers. No comments from that bloke that never leaves his name. I back read till last year and he's bloody everywhere!! I suppose I could easily look it up in an encyclopedia, but half the time they aren't accurate and you blokes tell me straight to me without using fancy jargon. Thankyou, Melissa

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