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Re: ANZAC and Light Horse

From: Bryn Dolan
Date: 4/5/2002
Time: 6:16:26 PM
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Hi Mel,

ANZAC stands for 'Australian and New Zealand Army Corps'. A 'Corps' (pronounced 'Core') was a military formation made up of two Divisions. A Division was usually approximately 20,000 men.

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was composed of the 'Australian Division' (now often referred to as the 'First Australian Division') and the 'New Zealand and Australian Division'. Of course the Divisions were further subdivided into Brigades and so on. The Light Horse were included in the Corps. So were some Indian Artillery units, meaning that they can also claim to be Anzacs!

These days, 'Anzac' has evolved to mean any soldier from Australia or New Zealand, particularly of the First World War, but originally it referred only to those who had served at Gallipoli.

On Anzac Day we commemorate (not 'celebrate') the men and women who fought and died in the wars in which Australia and New Zealand have been involved.

I have some extra information on my website if you're interested; go to www.anzacs.org/faq.html

Regards, B Dolan

Leaders of Anzacs: Officers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps died at Gallipoli. www.anzacs.org

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