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Re: ANZAC and Light Horse

From: steve becker
Date: 4/8/2002
Time: 12:27:23 PM
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The LHR used the following at Galliopli. Mostly one Sqn was in the front line while the second was in support or reserve. The three was in rest or used to resupply the other sqn's or used on brigde tasks. The Regimental support units (MG, Medical, Sig's and Supply) were on the whole broken up and deployed with the Sqn's.

As Casulties occured the Regimental strenght slowly went down as there never enough reinforcements getting through. This placed a heavy burdon on those troops in Rest or Reserve.

The Brigade supply units distributed supply from divison (back on the beach) to a distribution point to the rear of the Brigade. The regimental supply units or work parties would bring it from there to the regiment. From there the Sqn's and work parties brought it to the men.

During a battle most of the unit were involved but in any military formation you always kept the attack at three levels. The attack force, the Support Force and the Reserve. Later in the war following the horrific casulties of the Western front there was added what was called the LOB (left out of battle) These were to enable the unit to reformed if wiped out.

An attack never involved every men in a regiment as they were always other tasks the regiment had to fulfil. Even at the Nek the 10th LHR had men involved in carrying parties.

I hope this helps.


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