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Marching Order

From: Xile
Date: 4/9/2002
Time: 8:27:13 PM
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Hello to all the troops! Can anyone list the difference in Light Horse marching order, equipment, (1914-1918) of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th(2), 5th Light Horse Brigade (Aust. Mount. Div.) along with 4th(1) L.H. Brigade. 0f Mid-east theater, Sinai- Palestine campaign's.As opposed to the marching order of I & II A.N.Z.A.C. Corps Mounted Regiment(s) of the European Theater, Western Front. For example Western Front mounted troops were issued with Gas cape and mask. Where were these items carried or was an ordinary accoutrement such as second blanket left off and gas cape rolled in its place? European(theater) mounted troops operated from ,within reason, established depots did this mean that they left most of their equipment off in favor of speed or to prevent being bogged down during the winter? Desert troops replaced neck ropes with chains to combat horse's (mules)chewing through them. Did European Troops follow suit or was there no need? and the list goes on...

Having read through what I have just written I should point out having listed the Brigades and Corps. I am refering to the marching order of ordinary mounted infantry troops not Machine gun squadrons, signal Troop or specialists, Such as farriers, armourers, mounted strecher bearers etc.

Happy contemplationupon an answer. Warmest regards To All, Xile

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