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Western Mail, Thursday 28 September 1933, page 2


Thanks "Non.-Com." - That half guinea was handy. I raised a foaming tankard to the Diggers' Page with a hearty "Viva!" Here's another small effort.

Blue had enjoyed a hectic 14 days' blighty leave and lobbed back on board the packet at Dover well embalmed. After half an hour out of Dover, Blue was seen tacking a course around the decks, muttering something about "anelava distance between pubs." During his rambles the packet gave an extra roll, with the result that Blue did a beautiful corkscrew dive over the side. The alarm was raised, lifebelts thrown, etc., and after much ado, Blue was dragged on deck to meet the fury of the Captain.

"Why the __!!!!, etc.," roared he.

"It's all right. Cap.", sez Blue, "I only wanted to find out if it was right."

"Right! What do' you mean, right."

"Well, just before I did that Annette Kellerman stunt, I 'erd a snoozer reckon this was a fast boat.''

"Well, so she is," said the Captain, proudly.

"Well, I only wanted to find out for myself, so I went over the side to see what the blighter was fast to!"

"Ex-Sap. 57", York.