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A Lesson in Tactics
A Lesson in Tactics 

Western Mail, Thursday 18 May 1933, page 2

A Lesson in Tactics.

It had been a long and dusty march to Tourcoing. So on arrival Ern Sanders and Jack Howard headed for the estaminet. Making themselves comfortable, they asked Marie for a couple of bocks "toot sweet." Sandy paid for the first round, and as Jack seemed to be hesitating over the refill rattled his glass suggestively, but his cobber, who was also a brother officer, was wrapped up in his thoughts.

"Supposing," he said suddenly to the disgusted Sandy, "you were in charge of a battalion and you thought you were not strong enough to hold your position in case of an attack, what would you do?"

Sandy turned in his chair. "Marie," he called. When she came across he put the question to her.

Nobly she rose to the occasion. "What e'es it I would 'ave done?" she said; She thought for a couple of jiffs; then told them. "Why, I would have called for - whatees it you say - for ze reinstoushments, n'est ce pas!"

Sandy grunted his approval. "Good on yer, Marie," he said, at the same time shoving his glass right under Jack's nose.

The latter took the hint. "Send up the reinstoushments straight away, Marie," he said.

"Hiker" (Fremantle).