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Algernon Darge
Algernon Darge 



MELBOURNE, January 25.

Algernon Darge, pioneer Melbourne commercial photographer, motorist, flyer, squab breeder, and town figure, early this week dictated his obituary to his physician, Dr. Forbes-Mackenzie, of Clifton Hill. This was it: "Died January 24, 1941. I did my best." He had guessed the date exactly.

This afternoon his remains were cremated at Springvale, and to-morrow his ashes will be taken to Mount Matlock, near Wood's Point, and scattered there.

Barge was one of many who believed that some day the victims of the Southern Cloud aeroplane disaster would be discovered in the big timber of Matlock.

Almost everyone in Melbourne met Darge at one time or another. His dress was grotesque, and his manner that of a profound thinker.

His motor cars were things of incongruity. They were covered, with his own inventions - a super-charger, a patent canvas carryall, and a tent cover, and mounted high on his radiator were, a skull and cross bones - real ones.

He had four, or five ruling passions, and these he promenaded in. his \ own j way, yet: when ; spoken to he became I pitifully shy. His home was his studio and his museum.

His mother is an aunt of "Banjo" Paterson.