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Western Mail, Thursday 28 September 1933, page 2


Dear "Non.-Com." - My eldest son is a bit of a philatelist and is in correspondence with a young Frenchman of Calais.

A paragraph of the Frenchman's letter, may be on interest to your readers as follow:- "Australian people are loved in Calais, as we well remember them during the Great War; we still see them with their hats with one side-up … they were coming from so far, so far ... from some dreamland … for us, boys. And they were always playing and chatting with us in the street, and that, neither boys nor parents will ever forget! Those tall, big chaps were thinking to their own kids they left in Australia. All that, dear friend to explain to you how much your letter from Australia has been able to please me."

Dear "Non.-Com," Note "Chaps" and "Kids," in the letter. It sounds as though "Australia has been there." doesn't it?

A.A. Guy (44th). West Swan.

[Thanks, Alfie, for your interesting letter. Many of the boys will see your name and address above and will be very pleased to know that you are still keeping the blue and white "eggs-a-cook" flying. - Non. Com."]

A.A. Guy = Alfred Alexander GUY, c/o R H Quick, Harvest Road, North Fremantle, Western Australia, 44th Battalion, C Company