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Western Mail, Thursday 20 April 1933, page 2


Dear "Non-Com."-I doubt if the official history of the late war has chronicled the fact that some Australian engineers were in training for some months at the Christchurch Royal Engineers' Barracks, England. The time spent there was almost pleasant and instructive, interspersed with many incidents such as the following.

The old Colonel ordered a night route march, more or less competitive, with four detachments participating, each taking a different route, but to be at the same cross roads at 11 p.m. There were one Australian and three Tommy detachments, each under its own O.C.

Our officer put up a joke on the Colonel. He marched us briskly to within a hundred yards or perhaps a little more of the finishing point. We then sat behind a hedge until 5 to 11. A quiet "fall in" and off we swung!

The Colonel and his luminous watch were there waiting, "Wonderful," "great," etc., etc. and hearty congratulations for our lieutenant, who had so skilfully timed the march to arrive only half a minute too early!

The other three detachments wandered in anything up to twenty minutes late.

"7392," Kunjin.