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Fly-Catching Extraordinary!
Fly-Catching Extraordinary!  

Western Mail, Thursday 9 November 1933, page 2

Fly-Catching Extraordinary!

Battery-sergeant-major was his rank; - his nom-de-guerre "Windy." One black, moonless night; the tense silence of our sector in the Judean Hills was suddenly broken by his raucous bellowing: "Put that cigarette out!"

"Put that cigarette out!" he shouted again, and, with variations, continued to shout.

The mob crawled from their bivvies to see his shadowy form striding down the line of guns, following a darting and dodging spark of light.

"Put that cigarette out!" he roared.

"Sentry! Why don't you halt that man?"

The section officers trooped out of the mess to see what was going on. “Windy" was careering back up the battery, dodging in and out among the guns, in the wake of the elusive spark.

"Put that cigarette out!" (He was in a towering rage). "You're under arrest! You're under arrest!"

"Mr. P_! Mr. P_!" It was the Old Man's voice, high-pitched and querulous. "What IS the Sergeant-major doing?"

"Arresting a blanky firefly, sir!" chuckled the orderly officer, in reply.

147,344 R.A., Forest Grove

Those in the story:

Narrator = 147344 Gunner Charles M Coote, Royal Field Artillery