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Going Home.
Going Home. 

Western Mail, Thursday 1 June 1933, page 2

Going Home.

Before Gaza.

"What's that yer say? We're goin'home? What skitin' stunt's on now?
What blighter's puttin' that around?
Some dirty, lyin' cow!
Yer say it's dinkum, Bill, old boy, it's in the 'Gyppo Mail.'
Hi! Walid, iggery, talaheen! I'll read this bloomin' tale!
Mafeesh feloush. Yer've got no chance?
Malish! 'Ere! Sling yer 'ook!
It's worth a deener if it's true, and
Cripes! It is, Bill, Look!
They're sendin' all us old uns 'ome, if new uns come or not!
Let's get inside the bivvy, Bill, the sun's too blindin' 'ot!"

Before Jerusalem.

"Ah! Sufferin' 'ell! I'm goin' 'Ome! I'm plugged, Bill! Stoushed in front!
I thought some 'ow this mornin' this was my last bloomin' stunt!
But I can face Old Peter and me cobbers 'Eaven's side!
Me 'orse 'as copped it, too, mate. Look!
We'll 'ave ONE last, long ride!
'Ere, stop 'is strugglin'! Use yer gun!
For God's sake, turn 'is 'ead!
I 'ope 'e dont think it was me that painted 'im so red!
'E's been me cobber three years through;
in 'eart and 'ide a brick!
As you 'ave proved to me, old pal, shake.
Bill ... ole boy ... shake ... quick!'

"Koolamarra," Palestine, 1918.