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It Was the War!
It Was the War! 

Western Mail, Thursday 28 September 1933, page 2

It Was the War!

"Why don't they blow Lille up, Sophie?"

"Lille, Armentieres, too good to blow up, Bill-ee. My home, Armentieres!"

"Must be a bonzer place if you live there, Sophie."

They clinched and kissed until parted by a discreet cough from Madame and a snicker from Lanky. Bill's battalion was resting behind the front line and Bill held the coveted position of first favourite in Sophie's affections. He helped her daily in her manifold tasks, carrying water, feeding cows and chopping wood. She was gay and cuddlesome and had eyes for nobody except Bill. She was his dinkum girl and they had reached the solemn stage of talking about a Journey to Australia as Mr. and Mrs. Bill - apres la guerre! Sophie, however, was a bit dubious. "I no leave Madame alone, Bill-ee!”

But Bill jibbed at taking Madame.

Sophie and her mother ran an estaminet and sold milk, eggs and chipped potatoes. One day, when Bill had finished all the chores he went to the kitchen, to find a French poilu clasping Sophie in a fond embrace. Lanky, Bill's cobber, was a looker on. "Blimy, Bill," he said, "the Froggie's well in the runnin in this race."

The big, dark Frenchman, with moustaches like buffalo horns, glared at them fiercely, Sophie, wild with joy, squealed; “Bill-ee! Lanky! My 'usband - 'ome – on permission. Pierre - this Bill-ee – Lanky bon Australian soldats!"

But Bill was beyond words. He dreamed of Sophie and whiskers for a long time until his next Blighty leave!

H.S.D. (16th), Lake King.