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Poor Old Abdul
Poor Old Abdul 

Western Mail, Thursday 17 August 1933, page 2

Poor Old Abdul.

The diggers' idea of amusement was varied. When our brigade was in the Sinai desert one of the most monotonous jobs was to guard the water wells used by the troops.

"Bricky" Young often fell for this particular duty and to pass the time away used to throw an old envelope down the well and try to fish it out again.

Out of curiosity a wandering Gyppo or Bedouin would come to the well to see what he was doing, whereupon "Bricky" would hand him the stick and ask him to try to recover the letter. The stick was always short. That meant that the native would have to balance from the very edge. When properly poised "Bricky" would give Abdul a light flick from behind.

With a fearful yell the helper would disappear from view and "Bricky" after hauling him out with a rope he kept for the purpose, would abuse him in Anzac Arabic for being a clumsy cow. He would finally boot and imshi him off the place.

On good days "Bricky" would get five or six victims, though he never cot the same one twice.

"Bugle,” Fremantle.