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Soldiers' Banter
Soldiers' Banter 

Western Mail, Thursday 20 April 1933, page 2

Soldiers' Banter.

Whenever units passed each other in France there was generally a battle – of wits! In "Forward with the Fifth," the history of the Fifth Australian battalion there is an example. The Fifth was just coming out of Passchendaele, and met a Canadian battalion going in. Banter and the rough humour of the day were flung across and back between them.

"A fine body of soldiers, I guess," said one Canadian, loudly.

"They're not soldiers, they're Australians," replied a nasal voice.

"Where are you going, Canada?" asked one of the Fifth.

"Up to finish your- job while you have a holiday," was the ready answer.

"Oh, are you? Well, we're going down to finish your job and take Lens," replied the Fifth man.

This reference to the Canadians' last affair is highly satisfactory to the Australians, and they push on through slush greatly heartened by the exchange, of badinage.