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Still Smoking Ration Fags!
Still Smoking Ration Fags! 

Western Mail, Thursday 12 January 1933, page 2

Still Smoking Ration Fags!

An ex-service friend of Ted Randolph (Merredin) who lives in Manchester, recently told him an interesting story. When he left France in 1915, badly "knocked," among the few things he managed to retain was his old cigarette box, which was filled with those "stinkers" issued under the polite name of rations. As each Armistice Day comes around." he says, "I smoke one of this now sadly diminished stock of cigarettes, of which there are 17 left. The real point of my letter is this: I wonder whether there is any other soldier who served in the Great War who can now smoke a cigarette which he had issued to him during the war period?"

There must be few who can, if there are any. The remains of the Manchester man's stock will recall memories, for among them he has such famous brands as "Arf-a-mo," "Ansties," and "Woodbines." "All these," he concludes, "are brown with age, and I regret that such brands as "Red Huzzahs," "Cinderellas" and "Fireballs" have gone to the limbo of the half-forgotten past."

Well, one would have to smoke those survivors with the reverence due to their grand associations. In a quiet room - a ceremony of sacrifice. And as the smoke rings curl upwards the battalions of other days will, surely come down from their Valhalla. "My Lady Nicotine", will introduce them to you: "This is __ do you remember ....?"

Those cigarette brands in the story:




"Red Huzzahs"