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Western Mail, Thursday 5 January 1933, page 2


Riding through the lines at Abasan el Kebir, Brig. General Cox and an unpopular little stafF-major were greeted by a noisy digger's salute of "How's she, Charlie?" The General smiled broadly, but the major was shocked at the familiarity.

"What's the matter, Major?" Cox asked the officer.

"These men have no right to be so personal, General, I think it is very improper!" was the reply.

"Don't you worry old man," said Cox; "these boys are OK. They'd do anything for me, you know" (here he raised his voice so the troops could hear). "They're a dam sight more familiar at times. They call me a blankard sometimes. What do you think of that?"

The major did not answer.

"And," went on "Charlie." "I'm not the only one they call names. They call you a blankard occasionally too. However when they call me a blankard, they don't mean it: but when they call you a blankard, they _ _ do mean it."

"March On," Fremantle.

Those in the story:

Charlie aka Fightin' Charlie = Lieutenant Colonel Charles Frederick COX, a 51 year old Inspector of Accounts from Croydon, New South Wales. He enlisted on 15 September 1914; and at the conclusion of the war Returned to Australia, 13 March 1919.