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The Hills at Anzac.
The Hills at Anzac. 

Western Mail, Thursday 4 May 1933, page 2

The Hills at Anzac.

There are high-hills at Anzac.
Above the purple sea,
Which treasure in their keeping
The proudest memory.

They have no tongues for calling;
They hail not as they stand;
But to them' thoughts come flocking
Out of a distant land.

And on this day of all days
They summon to their crests
The love that knows no dying,
That recollects and rests.

Content that men were manly
When came their country's call,
And, comrade aiding comrade.
Answered and gave their all.

Salute thc hills of Anzac,
Across thc alien sea!
They are the hills of courage,
Set for eternity.

For deaths that strengthen life
Give thanks to them this hour;
For all the deeds we knew
When knighthood was in flower.

A Legatee, in the Perth Legacy Club "Bulletin."