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Western Mail, Thursday 12 October 1933, page 2


Dear "Non-Com.,"-Here's another attempt to win that half-note.

While at sea on board the t.b.d. Ulysses we had a cat named Satan, which was blamed for a lot of small things missing from the galley - sausages, rashers of bacon, and so forth. Those goods were put on a shelf to keep warm for the man on watch. It really wanted a man on watch in the galley, too. Nobody ever saw the cat near the galley, but poor Satan was branded as the culprit.

Well, we also had an A.B. we called Satan on account of that worthy gentleman being tattooed on his arm in bright red and blue. He could grab and swallow anything, from a handful of peas to the port anchor and never bat an eyelid! One morning the ship's cook saw this tattooed arm dart in and out of the port. So Cookie and I got a sausage, scooped the inside out, and filled it with cayenne pepper. We took a stroll along the mess deck and back, only to find the sausage gone, but Satan the A.B. was drinking water and spitting enough to flood No. 1 stokehold.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he is spitting yet. Anyway, I'll wager he didn’t eat another sausage while he was in the Navy!

Puss was discharged without a stain on her character.

R.N. Lake Biddy.