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Untouchability at Anzac.
Untouchability at Anzac. 

Western Mail, Thursday 3 August 1933, page 2

Untouchability at Anzac.

Beachy Bili turned a degree right one night on Gallipoli and caused the deaths of two Indian mule drivers on Shell Green.

Early next morning a tall and handsomely bewhiskered Sikh officer came through our position on his way to the battery nearby.

"Two of your men were killed here last night," I informed him.

"Battery men?" he inquired, greatly concerned.

"No," I replied, "they were drivers."

He uttered something indicating disgust and almost spat out:

"Drivers _ plenty!" He even seemed to back religiously away from several large blood patches that I was about to cover up with the aid of a shovel.

I don't know if those pleasant and intelligent "Johnnies," as we called the drivers, belonged to Gandhi's untouchables, but they were obviously of lower caste than the stately Sikh. Yet they were distinctly superior to the ordinary sea-faring Lascar.

However, untouchabjlity, apart from the probably remote instance here related, was a very foreign element in the genial, care-free atmosphere of Anzac.

F.G.H: (11th), Three Springs.

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Narrator F.G.H: (11th) = Unidentified