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Western Mail, Thursday 15 June 1933, page 2


Dear "Non-Com." - A corporal at Harfleur camp, France, on one occasion stopped me and said: “You ride a bicycle, don't you?"

"No, Corporal," I replied. "I’ve never even seen one."

The corporal did not seem surprised at my innocence. I managed to warn my cobber to keep out of his way as in the meantime I heard him shouting. "I want six men who can ride bicycles."

He soon got six mugs who could ride bicycles, and reported with them to the sergeant-major. "All good riders?" was his query.

"Yes sir,'' replied the corporal.

“Righto, me lads!'' roared the S.M., heartily. "Over there .you will find six buckets and six scrubbing brushes. Pedal into that dining room and scrub it clean. If it's not done in half au hour I’ll spoke your blinking wheels!" '

Next day a volunteer was wanted to operate the telephone. No one knew what a telephone looked like. We paraded with our pay books open and the first electrician was picked. His job was dinkum!

S. Martel (3rd. London Reg. Royal Fus.) Moonyoonooka.