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Western Mail, Thursday 23 February 1933, page 2


It was our first week in camp under Sergeant Major Cheetham, one of the smartest of his profession! training for the South African war.


He called the troops up to attention. "Stand steady everywhere! That man number four on the right, stand still! If you are lousy, leave them alone." I stepped out and said, "Don't you say I am lousy!"

"Why," asked Cheetham.

"Because I will punch you on the nose," I said.


"Never say that to me, my lad," replied Cheetham quietly.

"Why?" I asked.

"Why," he echoed, in profound contempt, "because I could beat a paddock full of your sort."

I afterwards found out that he could have made his claim good. He was a physical training instructor and a boxer of some class!

A.H.P., (6th W.A.M.I.), Leederville.