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Zeppelin LZ 85 renumbered L45
Zeppelin LZ 85 renumbered L45 


Tactical: L 45

Class: Type R "Super Zeppelin"

Usage: military

First Flight: 12 April 1917

Length: 649.3 feet / 198 meters

Diameter: 78.3 feet / 23.9 meters

Gas Volume: 1,949,600 cu. feet / 55,000 cu. meters

Engines: Six 240 hp Maybach HSLu engines

Maximum Speed: 62.2 mph / 100 kph

LZ-85 participated in twelve reconnaissance missions around the North Sea and three attacks on England, dropping 4,700 kg of bombs. She ran out of fuel on 20 October 1917 and was destroyed in forced landing near Sisteron, France; the crew was taken captive.