Edward John Culloton
Edward John Culloton
Edward John Culloton album was a collection that followed him through his service with the 10th Light Horse Regiment, AIF from 1914 to his return to Australia in August 1919.

For a comprehensive listing of photographs in the album, see:

Trooper Edward John Culloton Photograph Album, Contents

Should any further details be sought, see Australian Light Horse Studies Centre

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Blue Bell
Blue Bell 
When soldier were due to embark, these particular style of post cards were very popular. Commonly the faces of the individuals were placed in the cards as reminders for the departed love or loved one.

This is a sample of the poetry that was often attached. These optimistic sentiments were expressed before the war became a charnel house and stoic acceptance that the next recruits were walking into a grinder.

Here is the text:

Blue Bell

Blue Bell, the dawn is waking; sweetheart, you must not sigh;
Blue Bell, my heart is breaking, I've come to say good-bye.
Hear how the bugle's calling - calling to each brave heart!
Sweetheart, your tears are falling; Blue Bell, we two must part.