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"At a mile distant their thousand hooves were stuttering thunder, coming at a rate that frightened a man - they were an awe inspiring sight, galloping through the red haze - knee to knee and horse to horse - the dying sun glinting on bayonet points..." Trooper Ion Idriess

The Australian Light Horse Studies Centre aims to present an accurate history of early Australian military developments from 1899 to 1920.

WARNING: This site contains: names, information and images of deceased people; and, language which may be considered inappropriate today.

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New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "A" Squadron

The men listed in this photograph according to the number allotted to them in the photograph. If there is a photograph of the man in the New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent Photograph Album, it will be linked. Should you wish to return to the blog, click on the photograph or use the following link:

New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "A" Squadron


New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "A" Squadron - the men:

1. 27 Trooper Harry Zouch WILSON

2. 109 Trooper Joseph Michael CUSACK

3. 9 Trooper Charles Joseph HURTZ

4. 83 Trooper Charles AUSLING

5. 127 Trooper George Henry Flood GIBSON

6. 79 Trooper John Archibald STOPPELBEIN

7. 108 Trooper Angus McLeod BUCHANAN

8. 12 Trooper Claude BARNES

9. 43 Trooper Edwin SMITH

10. 36 Trooper Arthur Hilton FARNELL

11. 130 Lance Corporal Harold Edwin MCCULLOUGH

12. 28 Trooper Ernest THOMAS

13. 70 Trooper Albert John EASTAUGHFFE

14. 112 Trooper Hedley Vicars DOWE

15. Trooper Standish Baldwin DOWE, did not embark.

16. 107 Trooper Patrick BURKE

17. Trooper James FOTHERINGHAM, did not embark.

18. 118 Trooper Osman Frederick Hume MIDDLETON

19. 4 Trooper George William ELLY

20. 52 Trooper Beresford Frederick CAMPBELL

21. 120 Trooper William Wallace BUNTON

22. 85 Trooper Robert George DAVENPORT

23. 49 Trooper Allen DOUGLAS

24. 117 Trooper George Tindall TURNER

25. 94 Trooper Ernest SALISBURY

26. 98 Trooper Charles James MANSERGH

27. 82 Trooper Donald FRASER

28. 62 Trooper Charles WINNETTE

29. 44 Trooper Thomas SUTTON

30. 68 Trooper James Miles LOGAN

31. 25 Trooper Arthur Thomas NEVILLE

32. 47 Trooper Neil RANKIN

33. 75 Trooper James Edwin WALKER

34. 88 Trooper William Paul MCLEAN

35. 65 Trooper George SHEPHERD

36. 110 Trooper Frederick John MURRAY

37. 125 Trooper Andrew THOMPSON

38. 87 Trooper Ernest Noel MILLS (Recorded on picture as J. MILLS.)

39. 35 Trooper Frederick ELLIOTT

40. 72 Trooper David LEES

41. 100 Trooper Albert Edward ONUS

42. 95 Trooper Charles Peter Stanislaus SLOEY

43. 90 Trooper Henry PLOENGES

44. 45 Trooper Philip DICKINSON

45. 63 Trooper Walter ROBB

46. 84 Trooper Kelvedon GULSON

47. 34 Trooper James Daniel DUFF

48. 33 Trooper Robert WHITE

49. 78 Trooper Adam MURRAY

50. 26 Trooper Fergus Stewart FRATER (Recorded on picture as T. FRATER.)

51. 11 Lance Corporal Alfred POUNCEBY

52. 50 Trooper Leslie William ROSEN

53. 137 Trooper William O'MALLEY

54. 99 Corporal Edwin James MORROW

55. 41 Trooper John Theodore BRUNNING

56. 69 Trooper Patrick PERRIN

57. 31 Trooper Robert HODGE

58. 92 Trooper James TARVIS (Recorded on picture as A. TARVIS.)

59. 37 Trooper Lewis Gore ORMSBY

60. 104 Trooper Daniel Peter MEEHAN

61. 77 Corporal Lionel George MACARTHUR (Recorded on picture as J. McARTHUR.)

62. 38 Trooper Richard William Peard BURROW

63. 51 Trooper James Thomas STRUCK

64. 29 Trooper Frederick William MARKS

65. 97 Corporal Thomas Evans KEENE

66. 10 Trooper Tom ILLIFE

67. 32 Lance Corporal Henry Otto BOHLSEN

68. 15 Sergeant Frank V WEIR

69. 16 Corporal William Nivison KELMAN (Recorded on picture as W. KELLERMAN.)

70. 132 Sergeant George Henry WHEELER

71. 122 Sergeant John Cuthbert BURROW (Recorded on picture as J.A. BURROW.)

72. 2 Trooper Ernest Edward BRIGDEN

73. 3  Trooper Frederick William STANTON

74. 30 Trooper Frank Lomas DAVIDSON

75. 1 Trooper Donald MACKENZIE

76. 103 Trooper Michael SMITH

77. 66 Trooper Alfred MAYNE

78. Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant WINTERTON, did not embark.

79. 67 Corporal George Reginald MCGUINNESS (Recorded on picture as S.R. McGUINNESS.)

80. 115 Corporal Fitzroy Augustus BUCKLETON

81. 71 Trooper Edward Christopher ANDERSON

82. 42 Trooper George CHARLES

83. 74 Trooper Alfred PRUSSING

84. 126 Trooper George Henry RALSTON

85. 101 Trooper William SHANNON (Recorded on picture as R. SHANNON.)













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