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"At a mile distant their thousand hooves were stuttering thunder, coming at a rate that frightened a man - they were an awe inspiring sight, galloping through the red haze - knee to knee and horse to horse - the dying sun glinting on bayonet points..." Trooper Ion Idriess

The Australian Light Horse Studies Centre aims to present an accurate history of early Australian military developments from 1899 to 1920.

WARNING: This site contains: names, information and images of deceased people; and, language which may be considered inappropriate today.

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New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "B" Squadron

The men listed in this photograph according to the number allotted to them in the photograph. If there is a photograph of the man in the New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent Photograph Album, it will be linked. Should you wish to return to the blog, click on the photograph or use the following link:

New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "A" Squadron


New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "A" Squadron - the men:

1. 237 Lance Corporal Adam PARKES

2. 191 Trooper Robert MCMILLAN

3. Trooper EJ BROWN, did not embark

4. 134 Trooper Henry Arthur ALPHEN

5. 220 Sergeant William Joseph KERR

6. 174 Corporal James Reuben DE LORE

7. 238 Trooper William Timbrel TROTMAN

8. 147 Trooper John LAYBURN

9. 188 Trooper Frederick William MCKINNON

10. Trooper JH RYRIE, did not embark

11. 136 Trooper Jack Andrew BURR

12. 228 Trooper Duncan Kennedy MCINTYRE

13. 135 Corporal Wallace RYRIE

14. 197 Sergeant Sidney Thomas NICHOLSON

15. 148 Sergeant Ernest G FOSTER

16. 165 Trooper Henry SHEPPARD

17. 169 Trooper James SMITH

18. 166 Trooper John Eyres MILLIGAN

19. 227 Trooper Charles Lewis CARTWRIGHT

20. 179 Trooper Walter Hearns BALDWIN

21. 226 Trooper William John GIDDINS

22. 222 Trooper John MOTTASHAW

23. 451 Trooper AH BROWN

24. 437 Trooper James LAMB

25. 484 Trooper William Matthew WALSH

26. 201 Trooper Arthur Percy Briton GREY

27. 211 Trooper Walter Davidson HOME

28. 219 Trooper Arthur HOUCHEN

29. 221 Trooper Frederick VON HAMMER

30. 199 Trooper William QUINLAN

31. 206 Trooper Joseph Charles CORDWELL

32. 229 Trooper Percy William CORDEROY

33. 208 Trooper Frederick William TYRELL

34. 155 Trooper George William AITCHESON

35. 193 Lance Corporal Thomas Spencer GORDON

36. 168 Trooper William Frederick ROWLAND

37. 141 Trooper George ROLLEY

38. 164 Trooper Lachlan MCRAE

39. 198 Lance Corporal Herbert DAVIS

40. 181 Trooper Edward Michael DUFFY

41. 177 Trooper Francis William DUVAL

42. 173 Trooper Ferdinand Francis DUVAL

43. 195 Corporal Walter MURRAY

44. 162 Trooper Frederick Hutchinson WYSE

45. 217 Trooper Roderick MACKINNON

46. 214 Trooper William Joseph BOOTH

47. 223 Trooper George Edward Mitchell WOODLEY

48. 233 Sergeant Walter HUON

49. 194 Corporal Hurtle E DE MESTRE

50.158 Trooper William LEATHART

51. 156 Trooper Herbert William WADDELL

52. 142 Trooper Sidney Charles EVANS

53. 203 Trooper William Myles AYRE

54. 216 Trooper James MANNING

55. 138 Trooper Oswald Victor WATSON

56. 230 Trooper Albert Henry CHANDLER

57. 190 Trooper William Wallace MACDONALD

58. 209 Trooper William Edward HOLMES

59. 139 Trooper Leslie Thomas Anderson DENNIS

60. 461 Trooper William Johnstone GRAHAM, later allotted to "C" Squadron.

61. 204 Trooper Ernest BROAD

62. 149 Trooper Joseph RUSSELL

63. 183 Trooper John CHARLTON

64. 153 Trooper Ernest BINGHAM

65. 178 Trooper Samuel Jones LAWER

66. 232 Trooper Harold Rome TREATT

67. 235 Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant John Leonard SHAYLER

68. 167 Trooper Vernon George ANDERSON

69. 145 Trooper Edward John DUFF

70. 144 Trooper Peter STEWART

71. 143 Trooper Ernest MATTHEWS

72. 152 Corporal Walter Laishley SPIER

73. 170 Trooper Archibald MCCOLL

74. 160 Trooper William Henry GLISSAN

75. 175 Trooper William Joseph KING

76. 163 Trooper George Arthur COBBY

77. 213 Trooper Arthur Joseph NEICH

78. 185 Trooper John ELLIS

79. 182 Trooper Robert LEVETT

80. 186 Trooper James Joseph DUNN

81. 180 Trooper Gavin LOW

82. 171 Trooper Alexander Kenneth ALSTON

83. 234 Trooper Lewis EMERY













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